AutoGrid MIDI Edition [M4L Device] Random MIDI Grid Sequencer

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AutoGrid MIDI Edition is a Max 4 Live MIDI device, that sends random grid synths patterns to 8 different MIDI channels, one note at a time so they never plays simultaneously.

I's a huge timesaver for building interesting patterns with different sounds, or sequencing arpeggios or basslines, making sure they don't overlap whatsoever.

AutoGrid MIDI offers the following parameters:

- Control of the 8 channels probabilities of playing.

- Time allocation control between: 4 different note durations (between 1/32 and 8 bars), including dotted and triplet values

- Minimum and maximum gate per note

- Note play probability (to insert some random silences and thus play with density)

- Ability to transpose every note from the root incoming note, up or down 2 octaves, with per note degree proba (from 1st to 12th note), plus possibility of locking a given octave to root note only

- Ability to directly load a given scale to instantly map the note degrees probability (for example to a major scale, or an 7th arpeggio, ...)

- Fully automatable parameters

- Looping random engine, from 1/8th to 16 bars

- Possilibity of randomizing only one section of the device (note proba, channels, transposition settings, ...)

Please note you need to have Max 4 Live to use this device (included with Ableton Live Suite, or available as an add-on for other Live versions)

!! There will be no refund in case of mistakingly purchasing this item !!

This device is provided within an Ableton Template, with tracks structure already created for instant use ! Just add your instruments on the corresponding channels, change the master midi clip to the key of your project and press play !

Full description and walkthrough here:

V1.8: Added looping random engine

V1.7.2: Merged Master and satellites in one instrument + midi rack for more compact view, tested under Live 11, all seems fine (so far ;-))

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AutoGrid MIDI Edition [M4L Device] Random MIDI Grid Sequencer

14 ratings
I want this!