ShimmerHole Reverb [M4L device] Creative Reverb

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From lush shimmers to abyssal echoes...

Fom metallic resonators to organ-like chords...

ShimmerHole brings you an all-in-one creative reverb tool to create otherworldly ambiances !

At regular settings, ShimmerHole behaves as a very natural sounding room/hall reverb, that you can dial in to any instrument or percussion.

At extreme settings, it allows creation of unheard reverberations, from high or low neverending pitched reflections, down to the tiniest boxes acting as resonators.

With ShimmerHole YOU decide where your sound should go !

All the knobs and controls have been designed to be automated without any occurring click or pops on the sound. Some of these will allow to increase reverb amount, dry/wet, damping, or panning of any of the reverberators as seen fit. However, some have a DIRECT impact on the sound produced and will lead to weird transitional effects that can be set to happen instantly or last up to 10s.

ShimmerHole is provided with 15+ preconfigured presets that you can tweak for various use cases, all of them embedded with the device for the maximum ease of use.

More in details:

ShimmerHole is composed of a main reverberation unit (with "standard" parameters for a reverb: size, time, damp, early, late, predelay, and panning). This reverb is then fed into 4 pitched reverberations, each having a pitch value, and a separate gain control and panning. The whole reverb can be ducked by incoming signal (to tame it when there is incoming audio), and passes through a Low Pass and High Pass filters, and can be gainstaged before reaching out for maximum control of the sound.

A modulation parameter allows to blur the pitched reverberators, from cristalline (and possibly ear piercing) echoes to totally indistinct ones.

Check the full walkthrough here:

Some tips to get you started:

- To achieve true blackhole/shimmer, choose main shimmer pitch octave, set room size to high values, and adjust time/damp for deepness and duration. Gradually increase the Shimmer knob to mix the shimmer into the regular reverb

- To achieve creative and resonant effects, room size should be low, with low mod value, and possibly playing with grains size

- To achieve purest shimmer, mute voices 2/3/4, and use only one voice with low mod (5-10%)

- Very low values of mod (< 5%) will bring "organ" like sounds

- For pitched reverbs, use mod = 0 and small shimmer time window value

- For wide reverbs, pan main reverb to center and set at least two shimmers up one octave left and right panned with slightly different tunes (+/- 5 cents)

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Release notes: 

  • 1.0 : initial release

  • 1.0.1: fixed an issue where the device would be silent at reloading a project

  • 1.0.3: switched to new UI, more details in info view

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ShimmerHole Reverb [M4L device] Creative Reverb

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